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Garden Grasp Leaf Scoops – Take the Hard Work out of Yard Work

These ergonomic heavy-duty hand leaf rakes are made from hardened polypropylene thermoplastic polymer which means they are rust-proof. Having a large, wide, & deep bodied cavity, these leaf collectors will allow the user to collect as much lawn debris as the user can comfortably hold. These hand rakes are built strong, but they are also very light at only 1 pound for the set of leaf claws.

Large, Light & Strong

-Save Your Hands – Let the hard shell take the brunt of all the sharp yard waste

-Take Big Scoops – With less scooping motions you will have more free time

-Keep Hands Clean – Keep your finger nails clean when moving large amounts of dirt and mud

-Easy Care – With the smooth surface finish you can easily clean any lawn debris or pet waste off in seconds

Best Ways to Use Leaf Scoops

-Collect and Dispose of Lawn Mower Clippings-Fits All Sized Lawn Bags

-Spread Mulch, Compost, Gravel, or other Loose Coverings

-Picking fruit from Plants or Trees

-Use with all types of leaf shredders and mulch choppers for extra protection

-Clean Pet Waste from Yard

100% Lifetime Guarantee

The Garden Grasp Leaf Scoops are backed by a 100% Return or Replace Lifetime Guarantee.

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